Isolating biodegradable packaging for champagne

PaperFoam's elegant, biobased designer packaging keeps champagne bottles cold for two hours.

The PaperFoam packaging for the Veuve Clicquot Champaign bottles “Naturally Clicquot” are design beauties and especially innovative in its function. The packaging has an insulation function above the packaging and carry function: it keeps the bottle cold for two hours, permitting you to drive to friends and offer a cold bottle of perfect Champaign. The packaging is biobased and biodegradable. It can be recycled with paper or (home) composted.

The production of the packaging trays is done via injection molding of a slurry of starch and fibers. The water content is low, resulting in a very low carbon footprint (about 2 gram CO2 per gram of PaperFoam; up to 85% lower than equivalent plastic packaging).

Together with Wageningen University and Research centre a new recipe has been developed that results in humidity resistance of the packagaging, necessary for the condensation of the bottle after taking it out of the fridge.