Green grains - Freekeh

To develop highly nutritional foods from traditional young green grains such as wheat, barley, triticale and oats.

In 1996, Greenwheat Freekeh invented a world-first process which captures and retains benefits of green grains. This process is 100% natural and uses fire and air at precise temperatures and sequences to immobilise growth enzymes in the green grain to capture and retain the grain at a stage of maturity when it is at peak taste and nutrition.

Freekeh is a versatile superfood packed with nutritional and health benefits. Due to the grain being harvested while still young, Freekeh contains more protein, vitamins and minerals than other grains. It is low in GI, low in available carbohydrates, rich in prebiotic properties and high in dietary fibre (32% is fermentable fibre). In addition to this, Greenwheat Freekeh is 100% natural and free from any chemicals or pesticide residues or GMO.

Freekeh to grain is like wine to grapes. One can produce different types of freekeh from different varieties of grain and each will have different taste, nutritional values and applications. Greenwheat Freekeh are developing methods of producing freekeh from green barley, green triticale and green oats and are also interested in producing freekeh from green rice.

Freekeh is an excellent ingredient for manufacturers. It provides a unique point of difference and unique competitive advantage in global market congested with ‘me too products’.