Green Doner Kebab

If you want to enjoy Doner, but not want to eat meat.

Green Doner Kebab 

The founders of Evolution Meats want to combine the huge market of doner kebab with the trend of eating more vegan/vegetarian food products. That is why they developed the Green Doner Kebab, a vegan alternative for the authentic doner kebab based on soy. The product is available in the typical doner kebab skewer and pre-sliced and frozen in bags, and is meant for the foodservice industry. 


One of the unique characteristics of this products is that the kebab skewer can be grilled and sliced as a normal doner kebab, making it easy to prepare. The pre sliced convenience doner kebab can be served between sandwiches and on a salad. Besides, this Green Doner Kebab has the following benefits:

  • Healthy: the product is high in protein, low in fat, high in fiber, gluten free and 100% vegan.
  • Tasty: it is made with authentic herbs and spices, and when prepared  on the kebab grill, it has the delicious roasted flavor.
  • GMO-free: all soy is derived from GMO free soy plants grown in Europe.