Forager Foods

The Foragers Food Co is redefining the food experience; whole food freeze-dried fruits, vegetables and meals.

The Forager product experience is to be a part of redefining the food movement.  Innovative by nature and in redefining food challenge people’s perception.

Traceability and providence is important, but on the pristine Island of Tasmania, Australia, such things as traceability and providence is a way of life. Products are grown in the world’s purest air using clean water and perfect growing conditions, packaged in foil pouches for 24-month shelf life,

Healthly choices, and delivering intense flavours, and great taste around the world in retail innovation, a new approach to food service ingredients, and professional contract manufacturing to industry. Apart from the fact that freeze-dried food is delicious, there are a range of practical reasons that you might freeze dry food. Volatile antioxidants and vitamins like vitamin C are preserved in the product.

Fruit powders are a great, natural way to add delicious flavours and vibrant colours and a nutrient boost to products such as chocolate, sweet fillings, juices and smoothies, cocktails, and a range of bakery products.

The baking industry has found many innovative uses for freeze-dried fruits. Adding powders and pieces as inclusions can provide natural flavour and colour to fillings and pastes. Pieces and powders offer great natural topping and decoration ideas.

Freeze-dried fruits have become important for the confectionery industry as a natural source of flavour, colour and texture. Fruit is a natural partner to chocolate, and the variety of flavours and formats of freeze-dried products provides endless possibilities for innovation.