Product recovery system Fluivac

Reduction of product waste, fresh water consumption, CIP-consumables, CIP-time and increase of uptime for production.

Product Recovery with Fluivac: clean and sustainable preserving product.

Modern industrial food industries demand for safe, reliable, user-friendly and sustainable systems that are also easy cleanable. Additionally, food producing companies want to minimize product loss. By developing a new system for the automatic emptying of closed production process lines, Fluidor Equipment managed to create a new global product recovery standard.

When exclusively applying conventional CIP-techniques, the products that remain in the pipelines is irrevocably lost. Not so with Fluivac, that comprises of an intelligent central control unit that can be coupled with any existing production lines. The unit starts up a product recovery process, generating spinning airflows within the tubes that only need a limited amount of water to effectively recover the remaining product while realizing an effective pre-cleaning phase. Fluivac helps you to utilize your food product, time, water and energy resources in the most effective way possible.