EyeQuestion: software increasing the success rate of new food products.

EyeQuestion drives innovation and helps leading organisations globally to improve and maintain the quality of products.

Many product innovations in the food industry fail in the marketplace within a year. Sensory research can reduce this number and is an essential part of the success of product development. With sensory research, consumer products are evaluated based on their sensory experience (i.e. taste, smell, sight, touch) by trained tasting panels to improve and maintain the quality of consumer goods.

This complex but necessary process is made easy in EyeQuestion Software by different features: panel management, data collection, analysis and reporting. EyeQuestion is available to you anywhere, anytime and on any device without installing any software. This makes it an  easy to maintain, global access, secure and corporate-wide solution for any organisation.

The expert team behind EyeQuestion is an effective combination of broad sensory expertise and deep product knowledge to help optimize your sensory research. Consulting on a strategic implementation or optimizing your reports, they ensure you get the most value out of EyeQuestion.

To support the software, EyeQuestion has set up a inhouse research center, a space where products can be tested independently, try out new research methods and continue to innovate through further development of EyeQuestion software. Currently research is carried out into how Virtual and Augmented Reality can be utilized with measuring products by tasting panels. Another research into if consumer panels can be interviewed by computer instead of a person is also carried out to ensure the software keep customers moving forward.

EyeQuestion is a comprehensive solution with software and services to increase the success rate of new products.