Environmentally friendly and sustainable stevia technology

Sweegen creates zero-sugar products & taste solutions, by combining the best next-generation stevia sweeteners with deep knowledge of flavor modulators, texturants and bitter blocker technology’s.

Sweegen’s expertise in manufacturing, and its investment in technology and science presents a strong advantage in the natural sweetener market because of several factors. 1) Unique IP, a proprietary manufacturing process with several granted and pending patents. 2) Regulatory compliance. 3) Highly efficient manufacturing process that ensures sustained availability, consistent quality and competitive pricing. 4) Vertical integration, large capacity and food grade GMP facilities in Europe and Asia that ensure continuous production and quality standards.

In Europe, Sweegen’s facility has the capacity to produce at least 3,000 metric tons of stevia sweeteners per year.

The sweetener molecules are a result of a process starting with sustainably-sourced stevia leaves in which naturally-occurring sweet compounds, called steviol glycosides are extracted.

Enzymes are used to bioconvert these steviol glycosides into the preferred, better tasting components, which are then isolated and purified. The sweetener molecules produced (Reb M, Reb D or any other targeted steviol glycoside) are identical to those found in nature. The result is great-tasting, next generation stevia sweeteners for use in beverage and food products which delight global consumers.

Since the best tasting molecules are in such small quantities in the leaves, Sweegen uses its bioconversion technology to produce a range of stevia sweeteners with assured quality, regulatory compliance and competitive prices.

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