Customized atomization technology

Customized, dynamic atomization equipment improves product quality and shelf-life, reducing costs sustainably.

The optimum balance between product and environment is what Jasca’s advanced, customizable atomization equipment guarantees. The technology allows companies throughout the supply chain to improve product appearance, quality and shelf life, reducing food waste and costs in a sustainable way.

Based on nano-technology, the equipment produces ultrafine, invisible droplets – a thousandth of a millimeter – which maintain the osmotic value of food products at optimum levels, preventing drying-out. Droplet size is adjusted per product, processing and storage conditions: cold conditions need smaller droplets, warm conditions larger droplets. The atomization regime has a dynamic character, with droplet sizes varying over, for example, storage time.

The atomization equipment is easy to implement on existing production lines; it runs on tap water, under normal pressure, and is self-cleaning. The system is also environmentally sound, consuming minimal energy (up to 10 times less energy-consuming compared to steam) and minimal water (up to 4 times less compared to steam).

The equipment can be used for a wide range of products by partners throughout the supply chain, from fruit storage companies, fresh-produce stores and bakeries to supermarkets and transporters. It improves fruit storage conditions for example, and cuts out-of-the-oven bread-cooling times dramatically improving product qualities.

In addition to improving product appearance and quality, the atomization process offers safety benefits too. In bakeries, for example, the mist traps flour-dust, reducing the risk of allergy in workers. Atomization can also be used to mask undesired flavors, for example in slaughterhouses or water purification systems.

Atomizing different liquids offers almost unlimited applications. Sugar solutions make bread rolls shine; caramel gives meat products a precooked and therefore more attractive appearance and disinfectant helps manufacturers to clean their machinery. Other possibilities include egg, oil, liquid smoke; the list is endless.