Custom Pick and Place robotic packaging solutions for the food industry

PWR Pack custom-made smart robotics guarantee fast, efficient and gentle handling of delicate food products.

To be profitable, food-packaging companies must handle very large product volumes, while meeting increasingly strict quality and hygiene regulations. At the same time it is becoming more and more difficult to find good employees for affordable wages. PWR Pack helps food packagers to overcome this challenge by offering smart, custom-made Pick and Place robotic systems that allow for rapid, efficient , yet gentle, packaging with low operating and maintenance costs.

The robotic systems are equipped with PWR’s PDS Advanced Distribution Software – which allows for high speeds, 2D and 3D Vision systems that offer reliable quality control, and specialized grippers for gentle handling. Elements that are crucial in placing delicate products in the packaging while efficiently rejecting defective items.

PWR Pack robotic systems – developed by the company’s own R&D team of concept developers, mechanics and software engineers – are successfully handling a wide range of products, from bakery and confectionary to snacks and pet foods, and relied upon by companies around the world, both large and small.