Cost-effective genotyping of plants

From small-scale or high-throughput assays to SNP discovery and Next Generation Sequencing, Genetwister has the solution.

Genotyping is an important part of genetic studies and many different genotyping strategies can be applied, depending on the number of individuals and the number of markers to be genotyped. Genetwister Technologies offers several genotyping approaches using highly advanced techniques all dedicated to different research questions, ranging from specific small scale assays to high throughput methods. SNPs are discovered in relevant germplasm, ensuring informativity in the specific crosses or lines of interest.

Large-scale method

In association mapping or QTL mapping projects, where large scale genotyping is an important aspect, Genetwister Technologies is highly experienced with the Affymetrix Axiom platform. This is a well-established procedure for genotyping of the most informative SNPs. Extensive SNP selection criteria and rigorous testing of the design assures construction of an efficient SNP chip. Genetwister Technologies has applied this technique successfully to a wide range of plant species. This has led to the identification of markers and functional mutations for important traits in commercial plant breeding.

Cost-effective genotyping

For smaller scale genotyping projects, where either fewer samples or fewer SNPs are to be genotyped, Genetwister Technologies developed its own genotyping platform, which is cost-effective for these projects, compared to commercially available genotyping systems. In addition, proprietary strategies are being developed as alternatives for chip or oligo pool based techniques.