Compostable coffee capsules

Prestigio capsules are plant-based coffee capsules, entirely made from sugarcane and sugar beet.

Café Abi Nasr is working on shifting their packaging materials to be completely eco-friendly. They developed a capsule that is completely plant-based and compostable, without any aluminum that leaves a trace in the environment. Prestigio espresso capsules are respective of the consumer and the environment and promote sustainable development.

Café Abi Nasr decided to shift to a more eco-friendly approach and started selling the Prestigio Espresso capsules. Unlike most coffee capsules in the market, the Prestigio capsules are plant-based, entirely made from sugarcane and sugar beet. With no aluminum and no Petroleum-based plastic, this means that if disposed of in compost, the capsules will fully break-down into biomass, CO2 and water. When disposed of in a regular bin, it will leave no aluminum toxic trail nor plastic waste in nature.

The consumer will enjoy a cup of coffee that does not leave a trace in the environment.