Compost Collect

Compost collect is a kit that aims at reducing the transportation cost of organic waste and reduce its volume on-site.

As Compost Baladi provides biowaste management solutions to entities at different scales, the team had the incentive to empower waste management (WM) companies by tackling the high transpportation cost of organic waste from the source to waste facilties. From here emerged the Compost Collect (CC) kit innovation. This kit allows the modification of existing dumpsters into smart bins for biowaste. It allows WM collectors to retain the waste on-site for extended periods of time and reduce some of its volume with minimal energy use. It improves the quality of sorting with an enhanced user experience thru an app, digital locking system and selective access. The system also allows for integrating fill level sensors and route optimization software. Unlike traditional smart bins, CC can adapt to existing dumpsters; elimiating the need to replace valuable assets, while also being able to improve user interaction.

Many developed cities are moving towards smart collection solutions while also integrating source separation policies for biowaste. By integrating the CC system, WM companies can have a more competitive positioning via a reduced cost of biowaste collection service; allowing them to offer competitive bids, while increasing margins of service provision.

This kit allows WM operators to reduce up to 30% of the volume at the source and reduce the collection frequency down to 1-3 times/month. The IoT base servicing allows operators to further reduction collection frequency by only emptying bins when full. CC will also allow WM operators to start integrating source separation of organics gradually to interested users without the risk of contamination from non-informed disposers. For every ton collected with compost collect the WM operator can save 30 to 50% on collection cost and disposal.