Gaia Growth: Cloud software to control and monitor agricultural environments.

A centralised interface that offers farmers real-time visibility and control of their farms from anywhere in the world on any device, allowing them to make intelligent on the spot decisions.

By 2050 the UN expects the global population will increase to 9.8B which will place an
enormous demand on agriculture across the world, especially as people move towards more
plant-based diets. Farming is already evolving to match this demand but with deeper insights
into the food we grow and how we grow it, farming can be developed into a scalable, healthy;
and at times; circular economy.

As space becomes less available, improved technology and deeper understanding of the
environments we utilise for agriculture will transform our processes to better accommodate
current and future needs.

To support this Gaia Growth offers a centralised cloud based interface allowing farmers
real-time visibility and control of their farms from any device anywhere in the world. Farmers will
have the ability analyze data collected from sensors and other devices on the farm to make
intelligent on the spot decisions, automate the environment lifecycle of their crops, measure
success and gain insights from other farms.

The software uses a pay-as-you-use pricing structure that develops and matures with your data
collection and agricultural requirements. These capabilities will provide the means to transform
farming processes in order to accommodate the future needs of a healthy planet.

Gaia Growth is a modern software solution which can easily be integrated with your current
setup, utilising a hub which will be on-site physically connected to the sensors. The hub’s job is
to send the sensor data to the centralized cloud platform which displays live dashboards so that
the data can be analyzed and explored from anywhere in the world in real-time.

The Gaia Growth application is under constant development as more features are added for the
wider cause of fostering a community of continuous learning for farmers everywhere.