Authentic ready-to-eat food products cooked sous-vide

Smart Gourmet developed a unique cooking technique for ready-to-eat food with zero preservatives and long shelf life.

Smart Gourmet is producing a line of healthy and authentic Lebanese food that is rich in vitamins and is bacteria free. It has no preservatives and yet it has a one-year shelf life. They were the first in the world to develop this technology for extending the shelf life of food products without using preservatives through a unique cooking process and technique.

SmartGourmet has developed a technique where raw ingredients are cooked inside a plastic bag, under vacuum conditions. Because of their vacuum style cooking technique, Smart Gourmet is able to produces ready- to- eat meals which are healthy in that only one third the amount of salt used in conventional cooking techniques is used. Their technique also preserves the food’s vitamins and eliminates bacteria as everything is cooked at over 70 degrees Celsius. SmartGourmet has used this technique to transform authentic Lebanese meals into ready-to-eat meals. The product range includes hummus, baba ghanoush, vine leaves, and Lebanese sausages.