Appliances for the creation of healthier soft drinks

Design, development and engineering of appliances and related products to make fresh and healthy soft drinks in an ecofriendly way.

SDS sparkling drinks systems has developed an ecofriendly concept for the creation of an infinite number of healthy soft drinks. WeLL Design has been selected as the preferred supplier for design and engineering of the related products.

The system makes use of a special powder that makes CO2 cylinders obsolete. It’s an answer to a trend, where each consumer can choose his or her own flavor and make the soft drink they want in a convenient and environmental friendly way.

WeLL Design developed the patented capsule, which contains the powder that not only provides the taste, but also beneficiary properties like minerals or vitamins and if wanted the carbonation of the drink. When the capsule is placed in the appliance and the bottle or glass has been filled with cold water, a simple actuation will be enough to dispense the powder into the glass or bottle thus making a fresh and healthy soft drink that contains much less or no sugar at all, compared to ordinary soft drinks.

Early on in the development process, in order to be able to make series of injection molded prototypes that would work like real, WeLL Design had a soft tool made. Extensive testing and optimization has led to a reliable product, that can be mass produced and filled.

Besides the capsule, WeLL Design developed various appliances, that provide an easy and convenient way to actuate the capsule and dispense the powder into a bottle or glass. Special attention has been paid to convenience, cleanability and ease of use. Most of the appliances are non-electrical and can be used anywhere in or out of home. Only cold water from a tap or a fridge is needed.