Apple wine “blanc de pomme”

Cave Des Ours transforms apples into wine using a new technology.

Cave Des Ours holds a patent for the production of apple wine. Its innovation is improving the apple wine process by implementing a new technique to enhance the taste and color of the wine. Furthermore, they use a new technology to increase the alcohol content without adding sugar. Using their patented technology, Cave Des Ours creates a table wine from different types of apples with alcohol content between 12.5% and 14.5 %. Their technology enables them to reduce the water content in apple juice in order to reach the concentration needed.

Its Apple wine system is improving the apple wine production and the quality of the product. This system is the product of an ongoing Research and Innovation Program which was developed by Cave Des Ours. Cave Des Ours prides itself on staying up to date on the latest innovations and techniques when it comes to wine and is therefore always researching ways to improve apple wine quality.

The consumer will enjoy tasty apple wine that has high quality. Cave Des Ours Research and Innovation Program goes beyond its primary focus on sustainability and optimal performance.