ZILTE Glorie: innovative seaweed products and ingredients

Exploring the seaweed market; opportunities for the international seaweed chain.

Pit-Foodconcepts recently developed various innovative seaweed products and ingredients. The product range ZILTE Glorie includes high quality products based on European seaweeds. Pit-Foodconcepts is currently extending the diversity of the products range of ZILTE Glorie. The authentic Mezzaluna pasta stuffed with seaweed, mozzarella and ricotta has been successfully launched in March 2015. The Mezzaluna is based on French seaweeds. Pit-Foodconcepts focusses on creating new sales opportunities for industrial European seaweed growers by creating a positive need of the consumers of seaweed in Europe.

Pit-Foodconcepts was honored with the Horecava Karel de Vos Innovation Award 2015 for its product called ZILTE Glorie. This authentic Mezzaluna was developed in collaboration with Altoni Pasta in Belgium. The Mezzaluna is stuffed with a variety of seaweeds from France, resulting in a sustainable vegetarian product with great taste.

Seaweeds are likely to become an important protein source in the future. With innovative consumer products like ZILTE Glorie, seaweed harvesters and -manufacturers can benefit greatly by creating a successful and sustainable seaweed platform and community in Europa.  At this moment, the ZILTE Glorie product range is available on the food service and hospitality market and is being sold by catering wholesalers such as Sligro Food Group and HANOS – ISPC in The Netherlands and Belgium.

The ultimate goal of Pit-Foodconcepts is to launch a wide range of briny seaweed products, varying from pastas to drinks and from meals to snacks, to stimulate the local seaweed growth of Europe by creating new market opportunities.