Fact-based farming using FarmBox

Delivering integrated data allowing precision livestock farming.

The real course of events becomes clear when you got the whole picture. A rise in water intake in a broiler house itself does not say much. Linked to  inside temperature and feed intake, it becomes possible to draw the right conclusion.

Essentially the same situation at a pig facility where weight, feed intake, airspeed and for example ammonia  levels can be combined to asses  animal welfare. FarmBox collects all the data from the barn or houses using the PigResult and PoultryResult databases.

Using web services and automated interfaces, the FarmResult database connects to slaughter data services, feed deliveries and even feed nutrition analysis in order to obtain additional integrated information. By doing so it is the only solution which gathers all relevant data for farm management in one system. Furthermore, as a side effect, it also delivers full traceability.

To support farm employees, site management and integration supervisors with a set of daily monitoring reports, benchmarking and Six Sigma analysis, a smart user-role structure is in place to get the right information to the appropriate persons.