Drying of Protein Ingredients

02 Feb 2018

How to get optimal product performance with minimal costs. Drying is one of the key processes to produce protein ingredients or protein containing food products with a long shelf life. The drying process determines to a great extent the physical (handling and stability) and sensory properties and microbial shelf life stability of the protein product.

At NIZO, drying of protein products is a key expertise, and since we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our Protein Centre, we would like to share some of the approaches we use with you and show what kind of solutions are possible. In general we see three types of drying projects:

  1. Optimization projects to reduce processing costs
  2. Projects to improve product quality in the broadest sense. This includes projects related to handling properties, or improvement of organoleptic quality or safety related projects.
  3. Test productions to produce powder at a pilot scale level.

More information in NIZO’s Whitepaper

Source: NIZO