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29 Jun 2017

Cutting Salt intake: What works and Where?

Salt’s role in high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke is now widely accepted, and about 75 countries have salt reduction policies in place. What is the best strategy for success? The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a per capita limit of five grams of salt per day, but few countries meet this target

29 Jun 2017

FaceReader In-Market Validation

Automated recognition of facial expressions has recently become a popular tool for market researchers. One such tool, FaceReader by Noldus, is an advanced software platform providing automatic and objective assessment of facial emotion.

22 Jun 2017

Apomixis, game changer in breeding

The Challenge of World Hunger Mankind is facing an enormous challenge of food insecurity. By the year 2050, the population of the world is projected to increase by 35% to a whopping 9 billion; and an almost doubling of global food production is needed to feed the planet.

21 Jun 2017

Phages of Listeria

Phages have been shown to influence the evolution of their host and, in several cases, have a major effect on pathogenicity and/or virulence of bacterial pathogens.