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Meatless ®

Producer of hydrated vegetable fibers.

Meatless® started in 2006 to find realistic solutions for health and sustainability issues in food products....


Producer of Meat Substitutes.

Ojah is an ambitious company that texturizes plant proteins by high moisture extrusion processing, resulting in a...

Ruitenberg Ingredients

Ruitenberg Ingredients is a pioneer in finding creative, innovative solutions for the food industry.

Innovation is a core quality of Ruitenberg Ingredients, a family-owned business. Every day, Ruitenberg brings knowledge...

Bobeldijk Food Group

Fresh and deep-frozen meat, vegetarian & vegan products for food service and retail

Bobeldijk Food Group is a SKAL and IFS Higher Level certified producer of fresh and deep-frozen meat and...


Innovative quinoa ingredients for tasty & nutritious food products

GreenFood50® is a dynamic fast growing company that develops, produces and sells quinoa ingredients. These innovative...


Producer of tasty, healthy and unique microalgae; available as powder or fresh liquid.

Duplaco is a producer of unique fresh Chlorella and a microalgae wholesale. They produce and develop food- and...

Biorefinery Solutions

Recovery of high added-value food ingredients from vegetable trimmings and residue streams.

Biorefinery Solutions (BRS) develops proprietary, mild biorefining technologies to extract proteins and other high...


International producer of high-quality algae

Are you a food or feed manufacturer who wants to market products containing microalgae? Phycom produces high-quality...

Evolution Meats

Produce and sell non-meat snacks for European customers

Vegan and vegetarian snacksThe three owners of Evolution Meats come from the traditional meat industry. They have...

The Green Table

The Green Table® is the umbrella brand of 100% vegetable ambient ready-to-eat convenient healthy meals.

Food innovationThe food solution of The Green Table® is new and innovative because of the specific sustainable...


Development of gastronomic meal components based on meat substitutes.

Innogusto is a startup founded in 2018 by Carola and Mattèo Piano with a particular focus ondeveloping...

FUMI Ingredients

FUMI Ingredients develops biorefinery platforms to produce animal-free food ingredients

FUMI Ingredients storyFUMI Ingredients was founded in 2019 as a response to the need of providing sustainable...

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