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About The Protein Cluster

The Protein Cluster, the global innovation center based in the East Netherlands, will inspire and connect parties that are involved or interested in innovations in green proteins. Next to initiating new innovation projects, we also focus on the (international) market introduction of products of the companies that participate in the platform.

More concretely, we:

  • Organize innovations summits on green proteins
  • Offer matchmaking services for companies looking for partnerships abroad
  • Participate in international trade shows showcasing solutions offered by companies participating in the cluster
  • Publish on green protein solutions via our various media channels
  • Generate free publicity for green protein companies
  • Organize visit programs for international visitors looking for partnerships in the Netherlands
  • Build consortia of companies and other parties aimed at developing new innovations
  • Initiate participation in national and international (EU) government programs if relevant for participating companies

The Protein Cluster is a cooperation between the Dutch provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel, Oost NL and Foodvalley NL.

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