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A multi-specialty company that produces a variety of chemical intermediates, performance chemicals and end-use consumer products on a global scale.

Calling on centuries of expertise, AkzoNobel supplies industries and consumers worldwide with innovative products and...


Produces and provider of solutions for food, animal feed, paper, building, textile, and adhesive applications for the global market.

Avebe, established in 1919, produces and provides solutions for food, animal feed, paper, building, textile, and...

Barentz International

Production, Sales and Marketing of Food Ingredients and Blends.

Barentz. Leading Ingredients Distributor in EuropeServing customers in around 50 countries, Barentz is a leading...


BioActor develops proprietary health ingredients for use in functional foods, medical nutrition and dietary supplements.

BioActor develops proprietary health ingredients for use in functional foods, medical nutrition and dietary...

Royal Buisman

Royal Buisman natural caramelized sugars create signature taste, texture and visual appeal in a wide range of food products.

Whether it is giving bread a delicious color, intensifying the taste and mouthfeel of an espresso or adding a tangy,...

Carezzo Nutrition

Protein enriched food & drinks for health care.

Carezzo Nutrition was founded in 2014, and its mission is to link four functions: developing recipes for target groups...

Carbohydrate Competence Center

Carbohydrate Competence Center is a demand driven public-private knowledge center in the field of Carbohydrates.

The Carbohydrate Competence Center (CCC) is an international public/private partnership in the field of carbohydrate...


Connecting Supply Chains, Supply Chain Monitoring, Chain Information Management.

The competitive world of the Agro, Feed and Food industry places huge demands on quality and efficiency, and more and...


ClearDetections is a prize winning life science initiative, delivering DNA-based assays for plant health diagnostics.

ClearDetections is the prizewinning life science initiative from Wageningen University and DutchSprouts, the innovative...

Corbion Purac

Corbion delivers biobased products made from renewable resources and applied in global markets like bakery, meat, culinary, pharma, home and personal care and resins.

With over 80 years of fermentation expertise and the use of natural raw materials to produce exceptional food and...

Demo Nursery Westland

Demonstration innovative solutions, reseach, knowledge.

Demo Nursery Westland (in Dutch Demokwekerij Westland) is a horticultural innovation centre in the Netherlands located...

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