Xtramune™ to support the immune system

The carrot-derived, sustainably-produced fibre Xtramune™ supports immune function and improves resistance to respiratory infections

Xtramune™ to support the immune system

Today, patients and consumers would not only like their foods to be natural, wholesome and nourishing, but also to have a positive impact on health. They look for example for products supporting the immune system, increasing resistance against infections, improving gut health and other health benefits.

With this in mind, Nutrileads has developed Xtramune™: a unique proprietary carrot-derived fibre under development to support immune function and improve resistance to respiratory infections. This fibre can be applied as a food ingredient in dietary supplements and functional foods.

Proof of concept in healthy adults (18 – 65y, 60 subjects) has been obtained for the ingredient. This positive result led to a second clinical trial, a rhinovirus challenge trial, in healthy adults (18 – 65y, 170 subjects) of which the results are available under NDA.

Xtramune™ is expected to be ready for formulation in dietary supplements in 2020, followed by various functional foods applications.