Virtual soil sampling

Smartphone app uses GPS reading analysis to provide soil fertility and management advice

Small-scale farmers barely have access to soil fertility information and nutrient management advice. To do a soil test the farmer almost always have to send off a sample to a lab. This is time consuming, expensive and often not all available for the small- scale farmers. The SoilCares “Virtual Soil Sample app” aims to bridge this information gap by combining currently available databases in such a way that soil fertility estimations and management advice is now accessible for the small scale farmer for low costs to improve the crop yield of their field and livelihood.

The Virtual Soil Sample app provides a calculated prediction of the soil quality based on the uploaded GPS-position of the farmer. Any available data sets such as soil maps and accompanying reports, digital elevation models, climate variables, archived yield records of the GPS position is used to deliver an as accurate as possible fertilizer recommendation to the farmer. With the Soil Cares mobile lab (innovation profile) SoilCares collects and constantly adds more detailed soil data in order to improve its advice.

At this moment the first version of the smartphone app is being finalised and will soon be available for demonstration and further testing.