Super-batch centrifuge for salads and vegetables

Novel super-batch centrifuge for salads and vegetables: minimal product damage up to high capacities; small foot print.

Healthy eating is a key trend for consumers and manufacturers and salads are an essential feature. Vegetable suppliers are finding it challenging to deliver salad vegetables that are consistently dry and undamaged to achieve a better shelf-life and constant product quality. The novel Super Batch Centrifuge, developed by Food Technology Noord-Oost Nederland in collaboration with the University of Twente, provides consistency, with a host of extra benefits.

In conventional batch-drying systems products can easily be damaged, either when inserting them into the device or when removing them after treatment. The Super Batch Centrifuge utilizes an inline drying process.

The centrifuge is located in a conical drum, so that products can be divided evenly over the wall of the drum at allow speed and with a minimal falling height. This results in optimum, homogenous drying and minimal product damage, and thus improved quality and shelf life.

The system’s small footprint - 35% less then its predecessor - requires a minimum of floor surface. Energy expenditure is about 15% less than comparable equipment and its hygienic design makes cleaning easy and economical. The new robust design simplifies maintenance, which is also made easier due to the RVS surface being treated with nano technology, resulting in reduced sticking of products such as leaves.

The new centrifuge is available in two models: one with a high capacity of up to 3,000 kilos of iceberg lettuce per hour, and one with a medium capacity of up to 1,500 kilos per hour.

The super batch centrifuge is already operational, and used by a large vegetable-processing company in the USA and Australia.