Solar panels integrated into the Venlo greenhouse roof

Make optimal use of solar panel electricity systems with the Lumenex® Venlo Solar System

Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular. It is a renewable energy source and a perfect way to cut-down the electricity bill. The Lumenex® Venlo Solar System is a self-supporting greenhouse structure specially designed for integrating framed and non-framed solar panels into modern Venlo greenhouses. With this system BOAL aims to achieve the optimal use of the cultivation area, combined with the ability to take advantage of solar energy.

Because solar panels don’t come cheap, a strong fixation, which meets the requirements of the supplier, is essential. BOAL has almost fifteen years experience in developing these systems and is committed to meeting the needs of today’s modern horticultural businesses. By developing the Lumenex® Venlo Solar System BOAL has given a lot of attention to ventilation, both for the growing climate and the solar panels. This way BOAL offers a unique, safe, reliable and customisable multiple framed system for integrating solar panels into your greenhouse roof system.