Software to optimize cooling and freezing of fresh produce

Coldstore Manager software controls frozen product storage at reduced energy cost

Software to optimize cooling and freezing of fresh produce

Cooling down and keeping fresh produce frozen is an energy-consuming process. Sercom’s Coldstore Manager software can create and control the ideal cooling climate at minimal energy cost. Compared to traditional PLC-operated systems, the Coldstore Manager makes adaptation of the software to new cooling strategies easier and cheaper.

The Coldstore Manager software is controlled from an LCD controller screen or a PC. The LCD display is user-friendly and provides all necessary information at a glance. On a PC, the ‘SercoVision’ interface also enables users to retrieve data stored in the past and present it in easy-to-interpret graphs. In this way, earlier measurements can be analyzed and linked to specific past events. The software controls three independent levels of operation: overall energy management, overall strategy and control of individual units.

Power management is fully integrated in the software. It contains several options for alerting the operator when there is a malfunction in one of the processes. The new software can be used to control the existing PLCs that control the climate in individual units. A Sercom computer is needed only for controlling overall strategy and overall energy management. Both hardware and software are modular, so any future expansions can be added at low cost.

The Coldstore Manager is an ideal coldstore control solution for farmers, greenhouse growers and retailers, offering them optimum cooling and freezing conditions for their produce to guarantee premium product quality.