Software for optimizing storage of agricultural crops

Storage Manager software offers energy-saving climate control for long-term storage of agricultural products

Software for optimizing storage of agricultural crops

Long-term storage of agricultural products places high demands on storage conditions. Temperature, humidity and air quality must meet strict standards. Keeping these conditions constant is an energy-consuming process. Sercom’s Storage Manager software controls and monitors the drying, conditioning and storage processes at a minimal energy cost. Sercom’s innovative software solution makes it possible to create and control the ideal climate to guarantee optimum product quality. By integrating internal and external climate condition data, the software minimizes energy use and reduces costs.

The Sercom Storage Manager is controlled from an LCD controller screen or a PC. The LCD display is user-friendly and provides all necessary information at a glance. On a PC, the ‘SercoVision’ interface also enables users to retrieve data stored in the past and present it in easy-to-interpret graphs. In this way, earlier measurements can be analyzed and linked to specific past events.

Power management is fully integrated in the software. Depending on weather conditions, the system makes maximum use of outside air to keep the energy consumption for cooling and heating as low as possible. The software provides specific programs for heating and cooling. Both hardware and software are modular, so any future expansions can be added at low cost.

The Storage Manager is an ideal storage condition solution for both growers and retailers, guaranteeing optimum storage conditions for their fresh produce to safeguard premium product quality.