Scoutbox: digital monitoring tool for white fly in tomato

Simple, accurate method to count white fly infestation allows choice of appropriate and timely response

Scoutbox: digital monitoring tool for white fly in tomato

Every day, hundreds of scouts manually collect information about the white fly (Trialeurodes vaporariorum & Bemisia tabaci) present in greenhouses to determine the optimal introduction moment of beneficial insects or chemicals when this is needed.

This essential, laborious and specialized work is now simplified by using the digital monitoring tool; Scoutbox. With a digital camera insect traps are photographed in uniform and accurate way. After sharing the images by uploading, all traps are automatically analyzed and the data is online available.

Scoutbox is using image processing technology. A specific algorithm identifies and counts the white flies trapped. A location code is included in order to link the counts to the location in the greenhouse. Online reports show in one overview the pest pressure.

The grower collects insect data in a cost effective way and is able to introduce beneficial insects (on hot spots) to prevent crop damage as well as following the effects of this interventions to control plant heath and crop yield.