Paste product for jus, soups and sauces

Unique paste product binds after heating. Any flavor possible for meat, fish and vegetables

Vika has recently developed four varieties of jus; Beef, Chicken, Veal and a Red Wine variety. Vika is also able to develop any flavor for your specific needs including meat, fish or vegetables.

Based on all natural ingredients, the jus have a unique number of characteristics. Just add 5-7% of Vika jus to water and heat. This will give you a delicious soup base with fresh vegetables, herbs and spices. Alternatively, add noodles to serve a healthy, tasty soup.

When 10-12% of Vika jus is diluted in water, heated and stirred, the product thickens resulting in a beautiful jus. Adding a bit more product results in a tasty sauce ready to use but also perfect to finish off by simply adding herbs & spices.

Until now people have had to use powders in order to bind a jus or sauce. However, Vika has now created a paste product based on our own stocks with the unique quality to bind after heating. It has all the beautiful functionalities, taste and flavor of a paste product with the binding options of a powder.

Perfectly suitable for all industries including ready meals, foodservice chefs and for the retail customer. It is possible to produce these jus in size packs from 1 kg pots to 10 kg buckets, blank, private label or branded.