On-the-spot quality soil analysis for increased yields

Low cost, on-the-spot analysis, combines handheld device with smartphone app to give soil fertility characteristics

SoilCares developed an easy-to-use handheld SoilCares Scanner which enables farmers to do their own on-the-spot quality soil checks. The Scanner will determine the amount of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium available in the soil as well as the pH and the organic matter level. The data have to be uploaded via a specific app. To predict the soil status, the Scanner results are compared with the SoilCares Global Soil Database. The farmer will be provided with a report on the smartphone, containing a list of crops suitable for the soil that was checked, as well as hands-on lime and fertilizer recommendation alternatives that are available in a specific country.

The easy-to-use scanner has very sophisticated and ground breaking technology inside. It contains a light source, a Near Infra Red Spectrometer on a chip and an Electric Conductivity meter. The real game changer, however, is the combination of the device and the unique database in the cloud, containing the knowledge of leading soil scientists. The scans from the SoilCares scanner are compared with the data in the cloud and crop specific fertilizer recommendations are provided via the farmer’s smartphone.