New database structure automates literature review process

Continuously build science data sets of published information on effects, interests and ingredients for future analysis

Conducting systematic reviews of scientific publications on intervention studies in an efficient manner is made possible by an innovative database structure.
  • This flexible database structure that enables to systematically include and save data retrieved from scientific publications of intervention studies and use specified sets of the included data for further analysis.
  • The database is structured to build datasets per topic of interest on a continuous basis. It allows future addition of new publications, building strong datasets on your topics of interest.
  • Never search the pdf of a publication anymore on your computer: the pdf can be included in the database.
  • Contains the possibility to save information of the ingredients/interventions used in the included publications allowing to generate an overview of companies that have been involved in studying the effects of components of interest.
  • Set up in Filemaker Pro, allowing to work with data in both Windows and Apple.

 Benefits & results are:

  • Datasets of scientific literature on giving insights in possibilities of science based communication
  • Overview of companies that are interested in potential health effects of ingredients of your interest
  • Possibility to continuously build science data sets of published information for future use and analysis