Natural flavoring for sodium-reduced meat products

PuraQ® Arome NA4 offers manufacturers sodium reduction, flavor management, water control and consumer-friendly labelling.

Corbion’s PuraQ® Arome NA4 is a flavor designed to promote salty, meaty and savory notes allowing processors to maintain a good flavor profile of their reduced sodium products. It mimics meat flavor and helps manage water activity, which is key in reducing the growth rate of microbial spoilage.

PuraQ® Arome NA4 is produced by fermentation of specifically selected food cultures and natural substrates. By products of this fermentation include but are not limited to sugars, salts of organic acids and aromas. It is labeled as a ‘natural flavoring’.

Salt reduction of 30-50% has been achieved in ham, sausage, bologna, hamburger and RTE meat. As consumer demand for cleaner labels increases, PuraQ® Arome NA4 might be the answer in the development of healthier products. Furthermore, as the product also compensates for water activity loss, replacing salt with PuraQ® Arome NA4 in reduced-sodium meat ensures shelf life.

PuraQ® Arome NA4 is developed for cooked and fresh meat, poultry, seafood filets and RTE meals. Addition of 2.0% to 3.5% (w/w) is recommended.