MULTI FOOD – a vitamin, mineral and cofactor product

An innovative vitamin, mineral and cofactor product derived from ingredients extracted from natural foods and plants.

MULTI FOOD provides consumers with vitamins, minerals and cofactors that are derived and extracted from natural foods and plants. MULTI FOOD does not just provide the vitamins and minerals, but also the included phytonutrients, polyphenols and other plant based nutrients that are missing in standard multivitamins. MULTI FOOD does not use synthetic or chemically derived vitamins and minerals, which seems to be the standard currently available in the market.

In an ideal world, nobody should need to supplement food with anything. Unfortunately, with modern farming practices, processing and storage techniques of foods, in combination with the daily stresses of modern life and reliance on processed and packaged foods, supplementing human diets cannot be avoided. Furthermore, a growing consumer demand exists where health conscious consumers are seeking naturally derived food ingredients that contain vitamins, minerals and cofactors to supply the nutrient and vitamin needs of individuals.

Vitamin and mineral cofactors are necessary for every system in the body to work. MULTI FOOD can provide these in a natural, non-synthetic way. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can create road blocks in certain pathways and if deficient it can be impossible to force the body to change ATP Science has searched the globe looking for farmers and scientists who have perfected the art of farming, processing and storage techniques to make food that is standardized to contain vitamins and minerals naturally. The company has used these food and plant extracts to develop and supply MULTI FOOD as the solution to satisfy consumer needs and resolve the issue of nutrient deficient food.

MULTI FOOD, by providing vitamin and mineral cofactors, is able to support the following functions:

  • Energy production cycle in every cell of the body – the Kreb cycle
  • The proper function and production of hormones
  • The production of neurotransmitters
  • A proper functioning immune system.
  • Digestive and systemic enzymes