Mobile soil testing laboratory

On-site test analyzes soil and recommends action needed such as adding nutrients, changing crop or raising soil pH.

Mobile soil testing laboratory

Farmers who want to do a soil test almost always have to send off a sample to a laboratory. Now, however SoilCares introduces a mobile lab, driving literally a soil testing lab to the field. The SoilCares Mobile lab provides the farmers the option to analyze the soil of their field in a couple of hours. In conjunction with special analytic software an additional advice is provided to help the farmers to decide what is most appropriate to do for their growing crops.

The target group is open field farmers who want to have a soil test at low costs carried out when the mobile lab arrives in their neighborhood.

How does the Mobile lab work in practice? Via their contact person, farmers get a SoilCares manual ‘how to sample soil’ including a soil-bag and auger. The farmer will bring his soil sample to the mobile lab when it arrives in the village. In the mobile lab all testing equipment - different sensor technologies- are present. Soil information gathered with these sensors is sent to a central computer where it is analyzed and field/crop specific (fertilizer) recommendations are deduced.  

The advice can be, either to add nutrients, raise the soil organic matter, increase the pH of the soil or to grow other crops.