PurePulse mild preservation for optimum freshness

PurePulse: Produce fresh juice with a longer shelf life, preserving characteristics like vitamins, aroma, color and flavor.

PurePulse mild preservation for optimum freshness

Fresh juice looks – and tastes – so much better than the juices that often dominate our supermarket shelves. There is an undeniable consumer demand for fresh juice. Yet the available product choice remains limited, implying that growth opportunities are being missed. Producing fresh juice for retail that is both safe and profitable has been difficult…until now. With the introduction of PurePulse, you can now produce fresh juice with a longer shelf life while optimally preserving all its goodness, including vitamins, aroma, color and flavor.

PurePulse installation

The use of a PurePulse installation to produce fresh juice enables you to simplify your distribution chain and expands your potential sales market from local (for example Benelux region; New York versus entire East Coast or any other area you can think of) to regional (e.g. entire EU: 460 million consumers). Not only that, but you can also offer your retail customers a longer shelf life, which dramatically reduces their waste.

Also for the not “literally freshly squeezed” juices, PurePulse can contribute to a higher quality and preserving vitamins and other nutrients. Longer shelf lives can be obtained with a somewhat more intensive PurePulse treatment that is still way milder than classic thermal pasteurization.

PurePulse improvement on Pulsed Electric Field (PEF)

PurePulse is the next generation of Pulsed Electric Field (PEF). Although based on the same principle, PurePulse represents a substantial improvement as compared to PEF.

PurePulse applies cold pasteurization to liquid products. The process starts with a mild preheating, which softens the membrane of bacteria, yeasts and moulds. The softened membranes are more susceptible to electroporation by PurePulse treatment. After treatment the product is quickly cooled down to preserve the fresh characteristics of the product.

A PurePulse treatment subjects cells to a high strength electric field. The cell membrane ruptures due to exposure to this external electric field. Electroporation is irreversible above a certain threshold. This leads to pore formation and leakage of the cell content, resulting in microbiological inactivation.