Micronization technology for the food industry

Advanced technology enabling the production of fine particles of various structures down to approximately 1µm.

Micron-sized powders of fat and other ductile edibles offer opportunities for new products and inventive processing in the food industry.

Ductile materials are hard to process into (sub)microparticulate powders. FeyeCon has developed extensive technology for micronization, enabling the production of fine particles of various structures down to approximately 1µm. Product applications include margarines, spreads, soups and sauces, confectionary applications such as fillings and coatings, dairy and ice creams. Functionalized fat powders allow simpler and cheaper texturizing of food, without the need for costly heat treatment which may negatively affect the food’s other (healthy) nutrients.

The use of micron-sized powders may allow the use of cheaper or healthier ingredients, e.g. less saturated fat. The structure of many food products is based on networks of crystalline triglycerides. These contain high levels of saturated fatty acids, which are among the factors contributing to cardiovascular diseases. It’s therefore highly desirable to utilize alternative routes to structured edible oils, such as micronization. 

The product properties are tunable to the client's wishes. With FeyeCons technology it is possible to achieve controlled particle size, morphology and distribution. FeyeCon has elaborate capabilities for micronized product development as well as for producing test and application batches which allow for short product development implementation routes.

By optimizing process conditions FeyeCon is  able to produce customer-tuned particle sizes and structures.  In addition, FeyeCon has experience in the design of dedicated production facilities which enable rapid implementation.