LUSS: Liquid Umami Savory System

Vegetarian, natural, fermented ingredient ready to use in liquid form in many flavors including chicken and beef.

Yama’s latest innovation is based on culinary taste development and consumer trends. LUSS, a liquid umami savory system, is a clean, natural and good-tasting product range.

It is a natural ingredient ready to use as a liquid product. Founded on a fermentation technology and using premium ingredients blended and processed into various flavor profiles such as meat, chicken and beef. EU regulations were followed and LUSS has been recognized as being a ‘natural’ flavor. The products have a high umami level and are acknowledged as vegetarian.

The food trend today shows more clean labeling, less additives and respect for nature. LUSS complies with this trend and is embraced by food manufacturers who share these values.

By applying LUSS to vegetarian chicken pasties and beef burgers they no longer have off-flavors. This is the answer in improving the meat analogue sector. The brand of sausages, burgers, sauces and marinades will have a cleaner label, and a better taste.

Yama Products successfully introduced LUSS to manufacturers who now apply it to a new generation of meat substitutes.