Lupin Flakes from Australian Sweet Lupin

A Lupin Flake which is easy to incorporate with food processing to provide 40% protein, 37% dietary fibre, 4% carbohydrate, gluten-free and GM free, natural plant based protein.

The motivation for this development is to leverage the global movement towards Plant-based protein; high protein, low carbs, high dietary fibre, gluten-free and GM free products. This is a very nutrient dense product with an amazing Amino Acid profile such that all that see the product Technical Data sheet are astounded at the innate capabilities of the Lupin Flake to use in a myriad of food applications.

The product is unique because Australia produces over 90% of the global production of Sweet Lupin; a lupin which is able to be used immediately and every day without the usual soaking overnight or even longer if loaded with the well-known bitter and poisonous Alkaloids. Australian Sweet Lupin has none of this and is a breed of lupin developed to suit Australian conditions with ancient and shallow soils, unlike most globally fertile soils. Most solutions for plant-based protein market use a protein isolate which is often Soy based and which has been through an aggressive chemical based process – not a natural protein Soy also is loaded with Phytoestrogens and Trypsin Inhibitors which are a negative when compared to Australian Sweet Lupin.

The Lupin Co (TLC) Lupin Flakes can be used every day and with only 3 minutes hydration. The flake can be incorporated into every meal occasion and snack foods generally. There are no limitations; only benefits

There are numerous applications, the largest of which is the Gluten-free food market but also the Vegan and other markets intent on purchasing naturally occurring protein based foods without added colouring or preservatives