Lupin-based protein compound for production of dairy-free ice cream

Lupin-based proteins for cholesterol-free, lactose-free ice cream with a great taste and creamy mouthfeel.

Lupin-based protein compound for production of dairy-free ice cream


Are you looking for an innovative way to produce a tasty, creamy ice cream, free from lactose and/or 100% plant based? Try L.I. Frank’s FRALU-CPS. It’s a lupin based protein compound which enables you to produce a cholesterol free, healthy and sustainable ice cream without losing the beloved taste and creamy mouth feel of lactose based ice cream.

Benefits of FRALU-CPS

  • free from dairy & cholesterol & animal proteins
  • aroma, flavor and milky taste
  • 120 Kcal less than standard vanilla ice cream
  • new alternative to soy based ice cream
  • consumers can enjoy the flavor and texture of ice-cream without worrying about  health- or environmental consequences.

Market insights & developments

  • dairy alternative ice-cream sales are increasing
  • soy-alternatives market is increasing, because of negative image of soy regarding GM, rainforest sacrifice and unfair treatment of farmers
  • increasing market for 100% plant based products

Expect More

Barentz Food & Nutrition creates, sources and delivers all ingredients required to produce food & beverage products for your A-brands and private label products. In cooperation with the specialists of its subsidiary L.I. Frank, the grains and legumes ingredient company, Barentz can formulate concepts and applications that suit your needs.