Low-fat peanut replacer with optimum flavor and crunchiness

Replacing peanuts by FLAV-R-Grain offers opportunities for cost-saving and allergen management

Low-fat peanut replacer with optimum flavor and crunchiness

Flav-R Grain is an innovative new ingredient which tastes like (pea)nut,s but is in fact a toasted corn germ. It offers flavor and crunch benefits without using actual (pea)nuts. Using Flav-R Grain means you can save costs in formulation while simplifying your allergen management.

Benefits of Flav-R Grain

  • Excellent taste profile
  • (Pea)Nut substitute, free from EU-stated allergens
  • Natural, non GM food source
  • Cost saving opportunities in formulation and allergen management
  • Less fat than actual nuts to fit into fat reduced formulations
  • Good source of fibre to fit into fibre enriched formulations
  • Natural taste enhancer, can also be used to mask off-flavors
  • Enhances the authentic appearance of your end-product


Flav-R Grain can upgrade taste, flavor and appearance in:

  • Fresh corn tortillas
  • Tortilla chips & taco shells
  • Extruded snacks & cereals
  • Multi-grain snacks like cereal & protein bars
  • Multi-grain cookies, crackers & breads
  • Batters & breadings

Flav-R Grain can also be used to (partly) replace (pea)nuts in peanut butters & sauces, cereal bars, cream spreads, flavoring and whole wheat biscuits.

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