Koupe™: Real Protein Ice Cream

A delicious alternative to conventional ice cream. High in protein and fiber, less sugar and calories.

Ice cream is watching a movie together on the couch. Ice cream is an indulgence. Ice cream is unrestrained enjoyment. But ice cream is also fat and sugar and packed with calories we don’t need. Koupe does it differently: you can enjoy it guilt free!

Koupe is a smart and delicious alternative to conventional ice cream, with all the goodness and no guilt. Not just a frozen shake in an ice cream cup, but real, deliciously ice-creamy, melt-in-your-mouth scoops of Koupe. With great benefits: high in protein and fiber and with less sugar and calories than conventional ice cream.

Added value
Koupe contains 13g of whey protein and 7g of fiber per 100g, under 3g of fat.

Less sugars & less calories

Koupe contains up to a quarter of the sugars and half the calories, compared to conventional ice cream.

Real flavors, no added artificials
For instance: 30% real strawberry and 20% banana.

Koupe is not only a great indulgence, it also has great nutritional values:

Koupe is the winner of Best Ice Cream at the World Dairy Innovation Award in June 2016. What is even more important: 96% of the people in an independent test panel said that Koupe was (very) delicious!

Koupe: a delicious high protein ice treat, with all the goodness and no guilt.