Reinventing ice cream: Koupe protein ice cream

A delicious alternative to traditional ice cream. High in protein and fibre, less sugar and calories.

Imagine this: your favorite ice cream is not only super tasty, but also good for you. Koupe’s AWARD WINNING protein ice cream delivers it: a healthier and smart alternative to traditional ice cream.

Compared to normal ice cream, Koupe contains:

  • 3 times more protein and fibre 
  • 40% less calories
  • 70% less sugar
  • 80% less fat.

Containing no cream, just milk, Koupe is low in fat with half the calories of a Magnum, over 50% less sugar than Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and more protein than three egg whites.

Koupe is available in four flavors: Clever Chocolate, Brilliant Banana (20% real fresh bananas), Victorious Vanilla and Smart Strawberry (30% real strawberries). Koupe doesn’t use any artificial flavorings or colorings.

Award winning

Koupe is not only good for you, but above all tastes amazing: independent research indicates that 96% of the Dutch rate the ice cream as (very) tasty. 

Koupe has been awarded the World Dairy Innovations Award 2016 as winner in the category “Best Ice Cream”.

Healthy ice cream

Because of its health benefits, Koupe set up a cooperation with ‘Food for Care’ and The University Hospital Radboud UMC in Nijmegen and the AMC Hospital of Amsterdam, offering Koupe as a part of a healthier diet for patients.


Koupe was launched in April 2017 and is now available in: 

  • the Netherlands (in Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Dirk & Dekamarkt)
  • the U.K. (in Ocado, UK’s leading online supermarket)
  • Belgium (Albert Hein)
  • Denmark (Meny supermarkets)
  • Qatar (Monoprix & Carrefour)