Insect-based pastas and ready-made pasta meals

Pastas and ready-made meals from insects are sustainable, highly nutritious and taste delicious

Worldwide, the demand for animal proteins is rising. Cattle breeding has a high, negative environmental impact, producing significant volumes of manure and methane and using valuable resources like water and feed. Breeding insects is a more efficient alternative, consuming relatively little water and energy but delivering high-quality proteins. The Dutch manufacturer Nochey has developed a range of insect-protein pastas and pasta meals, that are clean label and suitable for athletes, the elderly, flexitarians and all health-conscious consumers.

All products contain high levels of protein. For example, the ready-made Pasta Bolognese meal provides more than 20 grams, almost twice the amount of a wheat pasta meal (11 grams). This is ideal for athletes who want to improve recovery after intensive training, and for the elderly in order to prevent age-related muscle loss.

The pastas are made via a unique procedure: insects – mostly mealworms and grasshoppers – are fed a specific diet (to ensure their intestinal contents do not affect product flavor) and then frozen. Subsequently they are blended with water and wheat flour, resulting in a pasta from which the noodles are directly made. This approach creates an extra rich taste and great bite.

The range includes three variants: Organic Pasta Bolognese, Organic Macaroni Bolognese and Pasta Bolognese Extra Protein. The latter is covered with a sauce containing ‘minced meat’ from mealworms, that gives it the extra-high protein content.

The products are sold via the Dutch retailer Albert Heijn, which also sells some of Nochey’s other insect-protein based products like hamburgers, small snacks, and tomato soup.