Hollands Goud rapeseed oil

Hollands Goud: sustainably-produced, high-quality, Dutch rapeseed oil.

Throughout Europe, there is a desire for high-quality, sustainably-sourced edible and cooking oils with beneficial fatty acid profiles (high in omega-3 fatty-acids, low in saturated fatty acids). Driven by consumer preferences, Hollands Goud rapeseed oil, supplied by Colzaco, perfectly meets this trend.

The oil, with its characteristic warm golden color, is extracted from locally-grown rapeseed. Ten times higher in linolenic acid than olive oil (9% versus 0.9%), it also boasts 50%-less saturated fatty acids.

The rapeseeds are processed in the mildest possible manner, to ensure optimal taste and nutritional value: raw seeds are pressed at low temperatures (below 40 ˚C), preserving naturally-occurring antioxidants and aromas. Other crucial elements in the process are the storage conditions – rapeseed moisture-content should be kept below 77% – and seed drying, which needs precise speed and temperature.

Hollands Goud rapeseed oil is sold in approximately 70% of Dutch supermarkets, and in Belgium, and is used in high volumes by food industries.