High quality ready meals fortified with vitamins and minerals

A new concept of high quality fresh prepared meals, covered with a thin, nutrient enriched gelatine layer after the cooking process.

Fortified Food Coatings is offering restaurant quality ready meals: delicious foods with added vitamins and minerals.

A growing number of consumers is not able or willing to cook and relies on ready meals. Unfortunately, the nutritional content of ready meals is not always optimal.

Fortified Food Coatings developed a new concept, based on high quality fresh prepared meals, to address the nutritional requirements of the aging population. A food printer is used to cover the meals with a thin layer of gelatin with collagen peptides, calcium and vitamin D inside. The gelatin layer creates the opportunity to add vitamins and minerals after the cooking process and guarantees a certain amount of essential nutrients just before consumption. It also enhances the presentation of the food and prevents food from shifting on the plate during transport and delivery.


Consumers prepare these ready meals in their microwave. During the heating, the gelatin will dissolve and mix with the other components of the meal, boosting its nutritional profile. As a result, it is now much easier to include valuable nutrients in older consumers’ everyday life.