Fresh herbal tea infusions

Koppert Cress to sustainably market infusions with consideration for the local community around Mount Kenya.

Tea is increasingly taking the place of coffee; the consumption figures of tea are in an upward flow for years already. Numerous tea concepts are offered: green tea, white tea, loose tea, dried infusions and of course the fresh mint tea.

Nevertheless, there is still little variation in the fresh tea segment. The market is ready for the next step. Koppert Cress has introduced four fresh herbal infusion blends, based on the taste and aroma’s of  thyme, mint, lavender and / or verbena. The product is produced in Kenya , and for a reason.

Koppert Cress goal is to market infusions in an innovative way, with consideration for nature, environment and biodiversity and the involvement of the local community around Mount Kenya. The project aims at restoring the natural habitat by capturing the water and reforestation. The income generated by the production of the infusions allows the population to improve their living circumstances.