Easy open flexible packaging solutions with pop of a bubble

Consumer-convenient packaging that is sustainable, easy-to-use, safe-to-use and fun to open.

Hundreds of millions of consumer packages are opened each day. Many of those packages are difficult to open. Opening packages with knives, scissors and teeth is neither safe nor convenient. PopPack’s packages are easily opened for on-the-go uses. PopPack’s packages are also accessible for the elderly, for children, for the sight impaired, and for consumers with limited hand and finger strength.

PopPack has developed a suite of award-winning, patented, innovative packaging technologies for flexible and semi-rigid packages. PopPack’s patents apply to diverse products including food, beverages and health products, both for single use and multiple uses.

PopPack utilizes a unique bubble-in-the-seal technology for all of its packaging applications. Once the consumer pops the PopPack bubble, the package may be easily opened. Opening produces an engaging ‘popping’ sound – providing assurance that the packages’ contents are fresh, well-sealed, and have not been tampered.

PopPack’s technologies apply to diverse flexible packaging types such as sachets, pouches, bottles, stick packs, trays, containers, portion packs and blister packs. PopPack utilizes food-safe films and standard packaging machinery. PopPack eliminates tear strips, costly fitments, and caps. In addition to reducing product and packaging materials waste, PopPack encourages recyclability, use of bio-based packaging films, and is convenient and safe to use.