Double-glazed greenhouse roof with Fresnel lenses

An optimum climate with maximum insulation and 100% diffuse light control in the Daylight Greenhouse®

Some horticultural crops are very sensitive for too much direct sunlight. The Daylight Greenhouse® is an entirely new type of greenhouse, which protects the crop against damage by direct sunlight. Moreover, the energy consumption and CO2 emissions in this greenhouse are low thanks to optimal insulation. As a result the cultivation results are dramatically improved in this new greenhouse.

The Daylight Greenhouse® is fully double-glazed. The daylight system installed in the roof consists of special Fresnel lenses (within the double glazing) and movable collectors. The system works like a screen system: direct sunlight falling on the roof is focused into a beam by the lenses and captured by the collectors. When there is too much light, the direct light is captured, leaving diffuse light to enter the greenhouse. The Daylight Greenhouse® eliminates the need for an outside screen system.

The concentrated sunlight heats the collectors and collects energy from the greenhouse. This energy is stored using known existing techniques (ground sources, heat pump, buffer systems) and then re-used. The result is a greenhouse that uses little to no energy on balance and creates an optimum greenhouse climate while maintaining perfect light conditions at plant level.