Delicious, high-protein cakes for the elderly

Tasty, easy-to-eat snack increases protein intake in the malnourished elderly while reducing fat and sugar.

Delicious, high-protein cakes for the elderly

The High Protein Pastry with V-PRO PLUS is a deliciously tasting cake with a cream filling which is a very convenient addition to the diet as a dessert or as a snack during the day. This cake contains 18% protein, which is a significant addition to the daily protein intake. The amino acid composition is optimized by combining milk, pea and lupine proteins. Due to the balanced composition of ingredients, the High Protein Pastry with V-PRO PLUS contains less sugar and fats than commercially available cake type pastries.


Benefits of V-PRO PLUS

  • 18% protein content
  • Optimized amino acid profile
  • Less sugar with no compromise on taste
  • Less fats with no compromises on taste or texture


Market insights

Adequate protein intake and maintenance of nitrogen equilibrium are very important for the elderly population because this age group is at increased risk for illness and malnutrition. The current protein intake recommendation for healthy elderly people is 0.8 g/kg body weight/day and evidence suggests that this intake should be even higher. In many cases, a loss of appetite, difficulties chewing as well as difficulties in the ability to cook protein-rich meals are causes of inadequate protein intake in elderly people. The elderly population would benefit from the availability of protein rich food which is both tasteful and easy to consume, in formats they are used to.

Ingredient list

Water, milk protein, sugar, wheat flour, sweetener (maltitol), egg protein, vegetable protein (lupine, pea), cream, fiber, emulsifier (E471, E472b, E477), dried glucose syrup, gelatin, raspberry pieces, wheat starch, oil, salt, food acids (E300, E330), raising agent (E450, E500), stabilizer (E415, E466, E420), flavor.

Nutritional Values


50% cake/50% filling

EnergykJ/100 gram997

 kcal/100 gram238






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